Gate to Istria - PULA Airport is NAIS - NAIS

Gate to Istria – PULA Airport is NAIS

Pula ✈️  Airport, our customer and partner and for almost two decades, has decided to go NAIS. The airport is now using the newest version of the NAIS airport software starting this March. The first flights went by without problems and the staff is happy to have a new web version of the software which is very familiar to them. I want to thank Nina Vojnić Žagar (CEO), Marko Ražem (COO), Saša Leverić (Head of IT dep.) and the rest of the staff for continuing to put their trust in us. We will not to let you down! 💪🏻  🙌🏻

Pula Airport has had a steady growth of passengers before the pandemic hit. Their record was in 2019 where they had around 1 million passengers. They hope to get back to this number in the next 2 years.

We wish them luck! 🤞🏻